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Turf Group have launched a new revolutionary seaming method called ProSEAM, the ProSEAM method reduces waste by 75%, speeds up the seam process and can be used in wet weather due to advanced polymer technology

Launching in January 2018, the ProSEAM kit will be available to purchase Nationwide from Turf Group and accredited partners. The main benefit is you no longer have to use plastic cartridges to apply the adhesive to an Artificial Grass seam, the ProSEAM Sausage is a specially formed foil sausage that contains the same amount of adhesive as two cartridges.
The ProSEAM applicator gun comes with replacement nozzles and because the ProSEAM adhesive doesn’t have a use by date, it doesn’t go off. So you can simply reuse on a project by project basis, unlike the current Artificial Grass adhesive on the market.

Commercial Sales Manager, Tom Scott comments; 

‘Turf Group are always looking to innovate and provide our customers with unique solutions that make the installation process more cost effective on site. The ProSEAM method is better for the environment, better for the installer and can be completed in all weather conditions.’

If you want to order a Turf Group ProSEAM KIT – Contact us

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