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PlayTURF by Turf Group is the ultimate Synthetic Turf product for playground theming and multi-sport areas.

With a robust 14mm pile height, PlayTURF 14mm is a super hard wearing Synthetic Turf specifically designed for heavy wear areas within play applications.

Supplied in multiple colours including Green, Blue and Yellow, PlayTURF can be utilised for playground theming around play equipment, the below example shows the use of PlayTURF blue for the sea and PlayTURF yellow for the beach. 

PlayTURF is also perfectly suited to multi-use games areas due to the colours available. Turf Group can supply in a pitch format including lines to be inlaid in whatever colour combination. Below are a few examples of using PlayTURF for multi-use games areas (MUGA’s) and sport applications.

To request samples of PlayTURF contact the Turf Group office on 0161 207 6007 or alternatively visit

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